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About Our Staff 

Here are some friendly faces you will see at our church. We welcome you!

Our Lead Church Planters


​Kevin & Kaori



Nice to meet you! I grew up near Chicago, USA. My wife grew up in the mountains of Yamagata, Japan. Our two worlds came together when in 1990 I came to Zao Baptist Church in Japan as a short-term English teacher. During my summer there, God gave me a desire to work in this country as a missionary, and allowed me to meet my future partner in this work, my wife Kaori. We’ve come to love each other’s country and people. In our marriage, we’ve come to learn how people of diverse cultures can find great joy and unity when they love and serve our Lord Jesus together. We have one son, Justen.

Mitchell Family.jpg

​Justin & Lindsay

​ Mitchell


Justin & Lindsay Mitchell moved to Kanagawa (Yokohama City) in March 2017. They are the leaders for Azamino Chapel. They have three children and are expecting another one July 2023. The Lord has used their family’s relationships with fellow parents at the local yochien and elementary school to help form Azamino Chapel. Azamino Chapel began meeting in the summer of 2020 in the Mitchells’ living room in Eda (Azamino area). They have a passion for making connections in the community, serving the local church and preaching God’s Word. Justin enjoys coffee, books and hanging out with his family. Lindsay loves a good movie, playing board games and baking delicious sweets! Their favorite place to visit in Japan is Okinawa and Izu.

Others on our church team


Tanazawa H

​Guest Preacher



​Missionary Team


Takeshita C 

Guest Preacher



​coming soon



​Missionary Team



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Bauer A

Missionary Team



​coming soon

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