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About Our Story

More than just a place, we are a family of people living in God's great grace

How we started

Our story began in the fall of 2001 in the Laverman home near Tama Plaza station (Yokohama, Japan), with a half dozen Christians in attendance.

The believers had a shared background: they had recently returned from

time in America where their Christian faith had begun or grown. This group had a desire to start a new church family. We formally organized as a church in

April 2002, taking on the name "Grace Chapel." Our first baptisms were in the fall of 2002. In 2003, we moved weekly worship services to a more central location near Mizonokuchi station. "Denen" was added to our church name to recognize our location on the Denentoshi line.

Since our beginning, our church has been a part of the Conservative Baptist Association in Japan, a fellowship of 80 churches begun in 1947.


How we are expanding

Over the years, God blessed our small church with steady growth and vision.

In 2019, we built a multipurpose facility (Grace House) in Mizonokuchi (Kawasaki, Takatsu-ku), that can be housing for a pastor, and also has separate meeting room space for weekday outreach to the community.

From 2020, we began worship services in Azamino in the Mitchell home near Eda station (Yokohama, Aoba-ku). A multipurpose facility (Joy House) was also built in rapidly-growing Musashi Kosugi (Kawasaki, Nakahara-ku) for the start of a new church there with the Laverman family.

In July 2022, in a church business meeting, we changed our name to

"Denen Grace Church." Within this church are three chapels, the mother chapel in Mizonokuchi (Mizonokuchi Chapel), the new chapels in Azamino (Azamino Chapel) and Musashi Kosugi (Kosugi Chapel). 

Our desire is to that will be united as one church family, growing together, supporting each other, and expanding our church impact into new places for new people in Kawasaki and Yokohama. So that all might know the great grace of God.

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